RSS Feed Monitor

Subscribe to an RSS or Atom feed URL and receive updates in Scout


The RSS Feed Monitor in DigitalStakeout Scout is a versatile tool designed to subscribe to RSS or Atom feed URLs, enabling users to receive updates directly in Scout. This tool is essential for staying current with the latest content from preferred websites, blogs, and news sources.


  • Subscribe to Feeds: Effortlessly subscribes to specified RSS or Atom feeds, providing a continuous stream of updates in Scout.
  • Content Aggregation: Ideal for aggregating content, monitoring trends, and disseminating information.
  • Stay Informed: Keeps users up-to-date with the latest developments, articles, and posts from chosen sources.


  • Streamlined Tracking: Aggregates multiple websites and sources into a single feed within Scout, simplifying the tracking process.
  • Enhanced Awareness: Offers timely updates from various sources to enhance knowledge and awareness.
  • Supports Research: Serves as a centralized platform for content monitoring and trend analysis.

How-to Use

  1. Identify Feeds: Locate the RSS or Atom feed URLs for monitoring.
    1. Use Front Page to discover websites and their respective RSS feed URLs.
  2. Set Up Monitor: Configure the RSS Feed Monitor with these URLs to start receiving updates in Scout.
  3. Navigation: Go to the Setup page and select the Collectors tab.
  4. Add Monitor: Click on "Add Monitor" to initiate the process.
  5. Review and Analyze: Use the Console to review feed updates, staying informed and utilizing the information as needed.

RSS Monitor Configuration Options

  • Status: Choose between 'Enabled' or 'Disabled' to control the monitor's activity.
  • Expires On: Set a date for when the monitor should expire.
  • Name: Provide a unique name for easy identification of the monitor.
  • URL: Enter the RSS or Atom feed URL for monitoring.

Legal and Ethical Use

  • Compliance with Copyright Laws: Adhere to all copyright laws and rules regarding the detected data from public websites.
  • Legal and Ethical Undertaking: Ensure legal and ethical use of the RSS Monitor and obtain necessary permissions for targeted data sources.
  • Liability Disclaimer: DigitalStakeout Inc. disclaims any liability for losses suffered due to disputes related to the use of the RSS Monitor.
  • Release of Liability: In case of disputes, users release DigitalStakeout Inc. from claims or damages arising from the use of the RSS Monitor.
  • No Liability for Use: DigitalStakeout accepts no liability or responsibility for any use of the RSS Monitor by the user or any authorized third party.


The RSS Feed Monitor in DigitalStakeout Scout is an invaluable tool for aggregating, monitoring, and analyzing content from various online sources. By efficiently managing RSS and Atom feeds, it supports a wide range of activities from trend monitoring to research and analysis, all within the legal and ethical boundaries set forth.