System Tags

Out of the box tags that offer an organized and efficient way to categorize data

## Introduction

DigitalStakeout's System Tags provide an organized and efficient way to categorize and manage diverse types of data within the platform. These tags, pivotal in sorting and identifying information, play a crucial role in various aspects of operational workflow, cyber security, reputation management, public safety, and more. This documentation offers a comprehensive overview of the major categories of system tags and their applicability. When possible, DigitalStakeout will automatically annotate new data with System Tags with its Intelligent Discovery feature.

Major Tag Categories

Workflow Tags

Description: Workflow tags are designed to streamline and track the progress of different tasks within the DigitalStakeout platform. They are essential for maintaining an efficient operational flow and ensuring that each piece of data is processed, reviewed, and actioned appropriately.

Applicability: These tags are used to monitor the stages of data processing, from initial capture to final resolution. They cover aspects like alert acknowledgment, incident status, and record archiving, thereby facilitating smooth operational transitions and effective team collaboration.

Operational Tags

Description: Operational tags focus on the real-time management and assessment of threats and events that have an immediate impact on organizational operations.

Applicability: These tags are crucial for organizations looking to rapidly identify and respond to operational risks like physical threats, false alarms, and natural disasters. They help in making informed decisions to mitigate potential disruptions and maintain business continuity.

Cyber Tags

Description: Cyber tags are dedicated to identifying and categorizing various types of cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

Applicability: These tags are instrumental for cyber security teams in monitoring and responding to cyber risks like data leaks, malware, phishing, and more. They provide a nuanced understanding of the cyber threat landscape, enabling proactive defense strategies.

Reputation Tags

Description: Reputation tags are tailored to monitor and assess information impacting an organization's public image and perception.

Applicability: Essential for public relations and marketing teams, these tags help in gauging public sentiment, tracking brand reputation, and identifying potential PR crises. They offer insights into how an organization is perceived in the digital space, guiding reputation management strategies.

Public Safety Tags

Description: Public safety tags are geared towards identifying and categorizing information related to public health and safety concerns.

Applicability: These tags are vital for law enforcement, emergency services, and public safety organizations. They enable quick identification of safety threats, such as fire mentions, emergency situations, or public unrest, facilitating timely and effective response.

Critical Infrastructure Tags

Description: Critical infrastructure tags are focused on identifying risks and events affecting essential services and facilities.

Applicability: These tags are particularly important for organizations operating in sectors like energy, banking, healthcare, and transportation. They help in monitoring threats to critical infrastructure, ensuring preparedness and resilience against disruptions.