DigitalStakeout Scout User Types

DigitalStakeout Scout offers different user roles with specific capabilities to suit various operational needs within an organization. Understanding these roles is crucial for efficient team management and data handling in Scout.

Super Users (SU)

Super Users hold the highest level of access within your DigitalStakeout Scout account, with comprehensive capabilities across the platform.


  • Modify User Accounts: Super Users can create, edit, or delete user accounts, offering full control over team access.
  • Create/Edit Monitors: They have the authority to create new monitors or modify existing ones.
  • Set Folder Restrictions: Super Users can set up and manage folder restrictions.
  • Create Word Lists & Rules: They can create custom word lists & automation rules for advanced search and filtering.

Non-Super Users

Non-Super Users have limited capabilities compared to Super Users but still play a vital role in the operation.


  • Create/Edit Monitors: Non-Super Users can create and edit monitors within their access scope.
  • View Folder Restrictions Only: They can view folder restrictions but cannot modify them.
  • Create Word Lists & Rules: Allowed to create word lists and automation rules for search operations.
  • Limited Account Modification: Non-Super Users cannot modify user accounts, except viewing their own account information.

Read Only Users

Read Only Users have the most limited access, primarily focused on viewing and analyzing data.


  • View Collected Data: They can view data collected for the Monitors they have access to.
  • Add/Delete Tags for Results: This role allows adding or deleting tags for triage and supporting better organization of results.
  • View Only Folder Restrictions: Can only view folder restrictions in the Monitor tree.
  • Restricted Search Capabilities: Cannot create or edit searches.
  • No Process Creation: Read Only Users cannot create word lists, create workflow rules or any other automation process.
  • Restricted Account Modification: Like Non-Super Users, they can only view their own account information and cannot modify user accounts.

Understanding these roles helps in assigning the right level of access and responsibilities within your DigitalStakeout Scout team.