Intelligent Discovery Grid

Streamline the monitoring process of various risk and exposure categories


The Intelligent Discovery Grid is a transformative feature within the DigitalStakeout Scout platform, designed to enhance the capabilities of analysts in monitoring and analyzing vast amounts of data. It provides an automated approach to categorizing data into various risk and exposure categories, streamlining the monitoring process and enabling efficient decision-making.

Automated Classification Categories

Cyber Exposure:

  • Categories: Include Blacklisted Host, GPS Location Enabled, Phone Number Detected, etc.
  • Purpose: Focus on cyber risks and exposures for relevant threat monitoring.

Physical Exposure:

  • Categories: Include Shooting Mention, Physical Threat Actor, Weapon Mention, etc.
  • Purpose: Highlight potential physical risks and threats for immediate attention.

Privacy Exposure:

  • Categories: Include Data Leak - DOB, Email Address Detected, Location Disclosed, etc.
  • Purpose: Identify and respond to potential privacy concerns.

Reputation Exposure:

  • Categories: Include Negative, Very Negative, Offensive Language, etc.
  • Purpose: Monitor and manage reputation-related risks.

Public Safety Exposure:

  • Categories: Include Pharmaceutical, Terrorism Content, Law Enforcement, etc.
  • Purpose: Provide insights into public safety concerns.

Operational Exposure:

  • Categories: Include Fire Mention, Power Outage Mention, Traffic Blockage Detected, etc.
  • Purpose: Aid in operational risk management.

Features and Benefits

  • Automated Classification: Saves time and effort by automatically categorizing data into risk and exposure categories.
  • Enhanced Workflow: Streamlines workflow, allowing users to focus on the most critical data.
  • Improved Decision Making: Facilitates informed decision-making with clear, categorized insights.
  • Customizable Categories: Offers flexibility to customize or add new categories as per user needs.

Utilizing the Intelligent Discovery Grid

  • Link to Raw Events: Each classification includes a link to the raw events that triggered the classification, viewable in the Console.
  • Rapid Identification: Quickly identify and prioritize critical issues in various risk categories.
  • Customization: Adapt the tool to evolving needs by customizing and adding new categories.


Intelligent Discovery is an essential feature in DigitalStakeout Scout, providing an automated, efficient, and effective way to classify and categorize data. This feature supports various use cases, from cybersecurity to public safety, enabling users to quickly identify and focus on pertinent data based on categorized risks and exposures.