User Preferences

Customize your DigitalStakeout experience according to your individual preferences and needs.

Enhance your user experience by personalizing settings and streamlining your workflows.

How to Customize:

Access your preference settings via the top right corner in 'My Profile' to start personalizing your DigitalStakeout Scout experience.

Editing My Preferences Detailed Guide:

1. Default Time:

  • Description: Set the default date range for data displayed in your Console.

  • Current Setting: Last Day

  • Note: Adjust to align with the frequency of your monitoring needs.

2. Console Bar Type:

  • Description: Select the primary entity for a top-line summary in your Console.

  • Note: Tailor this to the primary focus of your analysis.

3. Default Refresh:

  • Description: Determine the pace at which your Console updates with new data.

  • Note: Faster refresh rates provide more timely data but may require more resources.

4. Default Sort:

  • Description: Choose the default sorting field for data in your Console.

  • Note: Sorting by date or score might help in prioritizing your analysis.

5. Default Relevancy:

  • Description: Set the minimum relevancy score for data displayed.

  • Warning: Altering this setting may create blind spots in your data monitoring.

6. Default Row Return:

  • Description: Specify the number of records returned in your Console results.

  • Note: Balance between comprehensive overview and information overload.

7. Show Entities in Console:

  • Description: Opt to display linked and extracted entities for filtering and pivoting in the Console.

  • Note: This can significantly enhance your data navigation and discovery.

8. Show Tags in Console:

  • Description: Choose to display linked DigitalStakeout Tags for additional filtering options.

  • Note: Tags provide a quick way to categorize and access relevant data.

9. Show Facets in Console:

  • Description: Enable summary facets for all linked entities in the Console.

  • Note: Facets provide a snapshot view of your data's characteristics.

10. Default Page:

  • Description: Select the default landing page upon logging into DigitalStakeout Scout.

  • Note: Choose the page you most frequently need to access for efficiency.

11. Time Zone:

  • Description: Set the default time zone for your data view to align with your local time.

  • Note: Ensures that time-sensitive data is relevant and accurately represented.

Remember, regularly reviewing and updating your preferences ensures that your DigitalStakeout Scout experience remains aligned with your evolving needs and preferences.