Canvass (User Name Search)

Search for the digital presence of brands, companies, or individuals.

DigitalStakeout's Canvass is designed for comprehensive search of digital presences across a wide array of social networks and websites. It serves as an invaluable OSINT tool for searching for the account presence of brands, companies, or individuals.

Key Features and Benefits

Extensive Coverage

Canvass scans over 750 social networks and websites, offering a broad scope of monitoring.

Benefit: This extensive coverage ensures a more comprehensive view of the digital landscape, making it easier to spot potential risks and manage digital presence effectively.

Discovering Digital Footprints

Feature: Discovers and manages the digital presence, identifying both authorized and unauthorized accounts associated with a brand, company, or individual.

Benefit: Aids in risk mitigation and protection of digital brand identity by providing visibility into authorized and potentially fraudulent or unauthorized digital activities.

Supported Selectors

Feature: Canvass supports various selectors including Screen Name, Person Name, and Brand/Product Name.

Benefit: These selectors allow for targeted searches, enhancing the effectiveness of digital monitoring and footprint tracking.

Search History

Feature: Maintains a history of searches, allowing users to revisit and analyze past queries.

Benefit: Offers insights into the evolution of digital presence over time and aids in recognizing patterns or changes in online representation.

Using Canvass

How to Use Canvass

  • Specify Search Criteria: Enter the name or screen name of the brand, company, or individual in Canvass to initiate the search.
  • Review Results: Analyze the results to assess the digital presence, including authorized and potentially unauthorized representations.

Context Menu Options

Result will have an action icon on the left of each result. Click on the icon to trigger a context menu.

  • Context Menu Options: Users can right-click on the action icon of a record to access options such as:
    • Canvass Screen Name: For further exploration of the screen name.
    • Run People Search: To initiate a People Search based on the screen name.
    • Monitor Data from Account: Use Profile Tracker monitor data emanating from the account.
    • Monitor Presence of Account: Use Presence Monitor track of the account's online presence.
    • Monitor Mentions of Account: Use Keyword Monitor to monitor mentions and references of the account.
    • View Account Screen Shot: To view a screen shot of the account profile.
    • Visit Profile: To visit the account’s profile directly.
  • Benefit: Enhances the your ability to take immediate action based on the search results.


  • Data Verification: DigitalStakeout does not verify or evaluate each piece of data, and no warranties or guarantees are made about the information offered.
  • FCRA Compliance: DigitalStakeout is not a credit reporting agency, and its results are not intended for determining eligibility for credit, insurance, employment, housing, or any other purposes covered under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

The Canvass tool in DigitalStakeout Scout represents a significant advancement in digital monitoring capabilities. With its extensive coverage, targeted selectors, and historical search capabilities, Canvass empowers users to maintain a comprehensive and informed overview of their digital footprint, significantly contributing to risk management and digital brand protection strategies.