Email Collector

Create a virtual email address and forward emails into a Scout feed


The Email Collector is designed to create a virtual email address and forward emails into a Scout feed. It's an essential tool for email monitoring, intelligence gathering, and data aggregation.


  • Allows users to forward emails from a designated virtual email address directly into Scout for monitoring and analysis.

  • Essential for tracking email communications, newsletters, alerts, or any content delivered via email.

  • Facilitates the aggregation of email content into a unified platform for easier access and analysis.


  • Streamlines the process of email monitoring by providing a dedicated virtual address for targeted email collection.

  • Enhances information gathering and intelligence efforts by aggregating relevant email content in one place.

  • Supports a wide range of use cases, from market intelligence to threat monitoring, by enabling users to monitor and analyze email content efficiently.

How-to Use:

  1. Set up the Email Collector to create a virtual email address specifically for your monitoring needs.

  2. Forward the emails you wish to monitor to the virtual address provided by the Email Collector.

  3. Access and analyze the aggregated emails in Scout, leveraging the insights for your specific objectives or strategies.

Creating an Email Collector

  1. Navigation: Go to the Setup page and select the Collectors tab.
  2. Add Monitor: Click on "Add Monitor" to initiate the process.
  3. Create Scout Inbox: When the "Create Scout Inbox (Email Monitor)" menu appears, fill in the necessary details.
    The Name field is mandatory.
  4. Configuring Email Reception:
    • To receive emails from a specific address, add it directly (e.g., [email protected]).
    • For emails from a specific domain, add the domain (e.g.,
    • To accept emails from any source, use *.*.
  5. Save the Monitor: After configuring, click "Save."
  6. Receiving the Virtual Email Address:
    • Post saving, you'll receive an email titled "Your Scout Inbox is Ready," containing the virtual email address
      created for your monitor.
    • This virtual address can also be found by editing the Email Monitor.

Important Notes:

  • Email Processing: Emails forwarded to the provided address are processed similarly to content collected via other monitors, each being stored as an event in Scout.
  • Deletion of Monitor: Deleting the Email Monitor will immediately purge all its records from the system.

Use Cases:

  • Subscribe to Updates: Centralize important email subscriptions for collection and analysis.
  • Analyze Spam: Centralize important spam for research and analysis.
  • Organization Communication: Centralize important emails for streamlined access and analysis.
  • Integration with Other Alerts: Forward alerts from other products to declutter your main inbox.