Chatter (Publicly Accessible Information Search)

Find the newest content from the web, dark web, deep web, and mainstream public social media, blogs, and forums


DigitalStakeout Chatter is a real-time Publicly Accessible Information (PAI) search tool that aggregates the newest content from the web, dark web, deep web, and mainstream public social media, blogs, and forums. Chatter is continuously updated, ensuring access to the latest information across a wide spectrum of sources.

Key Features and Benefits

1. Comprehensive Real-Time Monitoring

  • Feature: Tracks the newest content across various platforms including web, dark web, deep web, and social media.
  • Benefit: Provides users with a comprehensive view of the information landscape, crucial for intelligence curation and discovery for diverse use cases.

2. Advanced Search and Filter Options

  • Feature: Chatter offers advanced filtering options including location (e.g., Russian Federation, USA), references (e.g., osint, cisa), entity types (e.g., organization, place), and languages (e.g., English, Russian). Users can refine searches by time, from the last 5 minutes to the last month, and by specific references, entity types, countries, and languages.
  • Benefit: These features enable users to tailor their search for more relevant and specific intelligence, enhancing the efficiency and precision of information gathering.

3. User-Friendly Interface and Accessibility

  • Feature: Chatter provides an intuitive interface with easy navigation options. Users can edit filters, view detailed search histories, and access various insights.
  • Benefit: The user-friendly design and easy accessibility of critical tools streamline the process of monitoring and analyzing content, making it accessible for various user needs.

4. Real-time Insights and Alerts

  • Feature: Chatter enables users to run searches and clear criteria quickly, offering real-time insights and alerts based on the latest data available.
  • Benefit: This real-time functionality is essential for staying ahead in information tracking and analysis, especially in fast-paced environments.


  • Data Reliability and Compliance: While Chatter provides powerful real-time indexing, DigitalStakeout does not verify or evaluate each piece of data, and it is not a credit reporting agency. The tool should be used in compliance with all applicable laws.


DigitalStakeout Chatter stands out as a real-time OSINT tool that offers comprehensive monitoring across various platforms, advanced filtering options, and user-friendly functionality. It is an essential tool for professionals needing up-to-date information from a wide range of sources for intelligence curation, risk assessment, and situational awareness.