Plans & Pricing

Welcome to the pricing guide for DigitalStakeout Footprint, your solution for harnessing open source domain intelligence.

Our diverse range of plans is designed to fit the unique needs of individuals and teams seeking to access and analyze domain data efficiently for different Domain Intelligence Use Cases. From free introductory access to comprehensive professional packages, find the service tier that best suits your OSINT requirements.

Free OSINT - Dive into Data for Free

Perfect for individuals or teams just beginning their OSINT journey, our Free OSINT plan provides a taste of what DigitalStakeout Footprint can offer. Get access to data without any cost and start your intelligence journey today.

Footprint Starter - Embark on Your Intelligence Journey

The Footprint Starter is ideal for users who require more extensive data access and support. This plan is perfect for small teams or individuals looking to make a more significant impact with their OSINT activities.

Footprint Essential - Elevate Your Intelligence Capabilities

Footprint Essential offers an enhanced suite of tools and support for professionals taking their OSINT activities to the next level. With increased queries and a dedicated team user slot, this plan is suited for growing teams and demanding projects.

Footprint Pro - The Ultimate Domain Intelligence Solution

Footprint Pro is designed for the most demanding users, offering the highest level of access and support. With a substantial increase in queries and team slots, it's the perfect solution for large teams and complex intelligence operations.

Choose the plan that's right for you and start leveraging the vast potential of domain intelligence with DigitalStakeout Footprint today. Whether you're taking your first step or scaling up your operations, we have a plan to fit your needs and support your mission.