Certificate Transparency Search

Certificate Transparency Log Search is a targeted search tool designed to enable users to delve into Certificate Transparency Logs (CTLs) for specific content, hostnames, and more. Certificate Transparency Logs are a critical part of internet security infrastructure, providing an open and auditable record of SSL/TLS certificates issued by Certificate Authorities (CAs). By logging all issued certificates, CTLs help to detect and prevent malicious or mistakenly issued certificates, enhancing overall web security. Here's a detailed look at the CTL Search feature:

Certificate Trust Log Search Overview

Content-Specific Search

Enter specific text or data to find within a certificate, such as an organization's name, domain, or other identifying information. This allows for precise tracking and verification of SSL/TLS certificates related to a particular entity or domain.

Hostname Search

This function enables users to search for SSL/TLS certificates associated with a specific hostname. This is particularly useful for administrators and security professionals looking to verify the certificates in use by their domains or to investigate the use of their domain names across the internet.

Benefits of CTL Search

  • Enhanced Security Monitoring: Quickly identify and investigate SSL/TLS certificates related to your domain or organization, helping to detect potential security threats like misissued certificates or man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • Compliance and Verification: Ensure that the certificates in use across your domains or by your organization are properly logged and compliant with industry standards, helping to maintain trust and integrity in your web presence.
  • Research and Analysis: Conduct in-depth research into the use of SSL/TLS certificates across different domains or organizations, aiding in security research and analysis.

How Certificate Trust Log Search Works

  1. User Inputs Query: Start by entering the specific content, hostname, or other certificate details you're interested in into the CTL Search feature.
  2. Search Execution: DigitalStakeout ASI scans through Certificate Transparency Logs, which contain publicly auditable records of issued SSL/TLS certificates, to find entries that match the specified criteria.
  3. Results Display: The search results will provide details from the CTL entries that match the query, including information about the certificate issuer, the domain for which the certificate was issued, issue and expiry dates, and more.