Presence Monitor

Monitor for new online profiles by brand, name, or screen name.


The Web Presence Monitor in DigitalStakeout Scout is designed to help users protect and monitor the online presence of individuals, particularly executives or brands. This tool is crucial for maintaining security and managing the reputation of high-profile individuals, key organizational figures and digital brand properties.


  • Continuously scans social media and web platforms for new profile creations.

  • Helps in detecting unauthorized or impersonating profiles.

  • Provides insights and alerts when new relevant profiles appear.


  • Protects your brand's integrity and reputation by early detection of impersonation.

  • Enhances awareness of how and where your brand or identity is being used or mentioned online.

  • Supports proactive measures in digital risk management and security.

Creating a Web Presence Monitor


  • Enabled: Activates the monitor.
  • Disabled: Deactivates the monitor.

Expires On

  • Set the expiration date for the monitor, deactivates the monitor.

Monitor Name

  • Assign a unique and descriptive name for easy identification.

Use Case

  • Select the appropriate use case, such as VIP Protection, Brand Protection, or Crisis Management. This helps tailor the monitoring to specific needs.


  • Add relevant tags for categorization and easier searching.
  • The tags used here will be appended to EVERY discovery.

Send Data To

  • Choose a destination for the data. Options include specific monitors or a default location.
  • This setting determines where the collected data is directed for analysis and reporting.

Translate on Add

  • Select a language for translation, if required, to monitor content in multiple languages.

Primary Keywords

  • Define essential keywords that are critical to the web presence being monitored.

Must Contain

  • Specify keywords or phrases that must be present in the collected data for it to be relevant.

Must Not Contain

  • List keywords or phrases to be excluded from monitoring to filter out irrelevant data.


  • The primary objective is to monitor for potential threats, negative content, or unauthorized use of the target's name and image across various online platforms.
  • It helps in proactive reputation management and threat detection.

Best Practices

  • Regularly review and update the keywords and filters based on the evolving online presence and potential threats.
  • Continually assess the data collected and adjust the monitor settings to refine the monitoring process.
  • Collaborate with security teams to align online monitoring with overall security strategies.

Note: Source Data is Canvass