Archiving Web Content with Archiver

The DigitalStakeout Archiver is an essential tool for anyone involved in digital investigations, threat intelligence, and OSINT collection. It offers a range of features to archive web content efficiently, providing a crucial edge in digital stakeout operations.

Currently Supported Features:

Archive Selected Text:

  • Functionality: Extract and archive essential pieces of text from any webpage with ease. Just highlight the required text, and the Archiver does the rest.

  • Benefit: Allows for focused archiving of critical information, ensuring that key details are preserved for future analysis.

Archive Page Text:

  • Functionality: Archive all the text from any page in one swift move. This comprehensive approach is perfect when you need to save an entire webpage's content.

  • Benefit: Ensures that no information is missed, providing a complete textual record of a webpage for thorough investigation.

Archive Images on Page:

  • Functionality: Capture and store the images on a page with a single click. The Archiver ensures all visual content is archived for future investigation and analysis.

  • Benefit: Preserves the visual aspects of web content, which can be crucial for context, evidence, and analysis.

Take a Screenshot of Page:

  • Functionality: Offers native functionality to take a screenshot of the entire page. Highlighted screen capture helps capture web pages as they appear in real-time, providing a visual record for future reference.

  • Benefit: Provides a snapshot of the webpage, preserving the layout, design, and content as viewed at a specific point in time.

Save a Note for Any URL:

  • Functionality: Attach critical notes to any URL for context or future reference. This feature is perfect for preserving thoughts or observations associated with specific web content.

  • Benefit: Enhances the archiving process by allowing users to add context, comments, or analysis directly to the archived content.

Monitor Changes on HTML Selector:

  • Functionality: Monitor changes on an HTML selector, providing real-time updates if any alterations are made to the selected parts of a webpage.

  • Benefit: Keeps users informed of any changes to critical webpage elements, aiding in ongoing monitoring and alerting for changes.

Archive to a Pre-Selected DigitalStakeout Container:

  • Functionality: Easily save and organize your archived content by sending it directly to a pre-selected DigitalStakeout container.

  • Benefit: Facilitates efficient management and retrieval of digital assets, ensuring that archived content is easily accessible and well-organized.

With the DigitalStakeout Archiver, users have a versatile, efficient, and easy-to-use tool at their fingertips. It expands digital investigation and threat intelligence capabilities, allowing for comprehensive archiving and analysis of web content. Whether you're capturing critical text, taking screenshots for visual records, or monitoring changes for real-time updates, the Archiver is your go-to solution for archiving web content effectively.