Profile Tracker

Monitor target social meda profiles for critical information

Profile Tracker is an advanced feature within the DigitalStakeout Scout platform that enables you to spot critical information present on target social media profiles in parallel.


  • Comprehensive Monitoring: Aggregates data from multiple profiles to provide a complete picture of online activities, eliminating the need to check different platforms constantly.

  • Contextual Tagging: Facilitates later analysis and reporting by allowing users to tag profiles based on the monitoring purpose, enhancing the organization and retrieval of relevant data.

  • Real-Time Updates: Stay ahead of the curve with real-time updates on new content, ensuring timely and informed responses to developments.

  • Efficient Operations: Streamlines operations, saving time and effort, and allowing analysts to focus on analysis and decision-making.

Setting Up a Profile Tracker

Profile Tracker is found in the menu Scout -> Setup -> Profile Tracking.

  • Easy Setup: Creating a profile is simple and quick. Choose a name to easily identify the profile among others.

  • Tag Your Purpose: Annotate why you're tracking new content by Tagging your profile. Tags like "case-12345", "group X", or "XYZ project" help categorize and align monitoring activities with your objectives.

  • Add Screen Names: Add screen names from supported sources like Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Gab, etc., without the need for URLs or @ symbols. Profile Tracker will handle the continuous tracking.

  • Continuous Tracking: The system provides real-time updates whenever new content is posted. Depending on the profile's activity, it polls the target every 5-15 minutes, ensuring you're always up-to-date.

Legal and Ethical Use

  • Compliance with Copyright Laws: Adhere to all copyright laws and rules regarding using data from public websites.
  • Legal and Ethical Undertaking: Ensure legal and ethical use of the Page Tracker. If necessary, obtain permissions for data collection.
  • Liability Disclaimer: DigitalStakeout Inc. disclaims any liability for losses suffered due to disputes related to the use of the Page Tracker.
  • Release of Liability: In case of disputes, users release DigitalStakeout Inc. from claims or damages arising from the use of the Page Tracker.
  • No Liability for Use: DigitalStakeout accepts no liability or responsibility for any use of the Page Tracker by the user or any authorized third party.