Getting Started

A foundational approach to starting with DigitalStakeout

Getting Started with DigitalStakeout

This guide aims to provide a foundational approach to starting with DigitalStakeout, ensuring users can effectively leverage its tools for comprehensive digital investigations and monitoring.

Initial Setup and Exploration

  1. Log in to your DigitalStakeout account.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the interface and various tools available, such as Scout, Locus, Canvass, Chatter, Footprint, and the Data Breach Search tool.

Using the Search Tools

Begin by trying each of the search tools to understand their capabilities.

For instance, use Chatter for real-time indexing of web and social media content, or Footprint for on-demand search of technical Internet data.

Learn How to Organize Data

  • Read the Organizing Data in Scout guide to efficiently manage and categorize monitors and results using folders and Context tags, offering a structured approach to data management within the platform.

Develop an Idea of What Monitors to Use

  • Determine the specific needs of your investigation or monitoring.
  • Create various monitors in Scout, such as Keyword Monitors, Location Monitors, or Webhook Collectors, depending on your objectives.

Review Live Data in the Console

  1. Access the Scout Console to view live data feeds from your established monitors.
  2. Analyze the incoming data to identify trends, threats, or relevant information.

Utilize Intelligent Discovery

Employ Intelligent Discovery within Scout to automatically group your results into risk classes using machine learning algorithms.This can help in spotting high-value results quickly.

Create a Dashboard

  1. Set up a personalized dashboard in Scout to summarize your data.
  2. Customize the dashboard to highlight key metrics and information relevant to your monitoring goals.

Set Up An Alert

  1. Create alerts in Scout to notify you of critical pieces of information.
  2. Define alert criteria based on your monitoring parameters to ensure timely notifications of important events or data.

Start Review and Adjustment

  1. Regularly review the performance of your monitors and alerts.
  2. Adjust your strategies and settings as needed to align with evolving objectives or to refine data collection.

Leverage Additional Tools

  1. Explore other DigitalStakeout tools like the Archiver for web archiving content when Browsing.
  2. Explore how to pivot between tools and layers of linked data.

Seek Support and Training

  1. Utilize DigitalStakeout’s support resources for any assistance.
  2. Schedule training sessions if necessary to enhance your understanding and usage of the platform.