Managing Your Dashboards

How to manage your DigitalStakeout Scout dashboard

Dashboard Management Features

Dashboard Navigation

  • Navigate Through Multiple Dashboards: Easily switch between different dashboards each configured for various purposes or projects, ensuring a tailored view for every analysis need.

Create and Customize

  • Add New Dashboards: Incorporate new dashboards to expand your monitoring capabilities.
  • Customize Dashboards: Adjust the name and layout to match your specific monitoring and analytical requirements.

Select Widget Type

  • Variety of Widgets: Choose from a diverse range of widgets, from simple 'Base - Mention Rate Column Charts' to complex 'Risk - Top 10 Detected Threats' analytical tools, each offering unique insights.

Customize Widgets

  • Data Source Selection: Determine the origin of the data for each widget, enhancing the relevance of the information displayed.
  • Apply Saved Filters: Utilize filters from the Console to refine the data, focusing on what's most pertinent.
  • Analysis and Visualization: Select the type of analysis or visualization that best fits your needs, personalizing each widget for optimal understanding.

Widgets and Customization

Selecting Widgets

  • Extensive Widget List: Access a wide array of widgets like 'Cyber - Top Alerted CVEs Bar', 'NLP - Sentiment Area Chart', or 'Workflow - Top Alerted Categories Bar', each providing distinct perspectives.

Data Sources

  • Monitor Sources: Feed widgets with data from various Monitors.
  • Flexibility in Data Sources: Default to pulling all data from the widget or specify folders or particular monitors as the data source.

Filters and Types

  • Saved Filters: Apply specific saved filters from the Console to focus your analysis.
  • Customization: Adjust the types and filters to ensure you're analyzing the most relevant information.

Additional Tools and Features

Select Layout

  • Layout Customization: Arrange your widgets on the dashboard to optimize the view according to your workflow and priorities.