Domain Search

Domain Search in DigitalStakeout ASI is a powerful tool designed for users who need detailed, current information about a specific domain. Uncover in-depth details about any domain, aiding in investigations, security assessments, and domain management.

Domain Search Overview

Domain search comprehensive metadata about domains, such as, in an easy-to-understand format. Here's a breakdown of what domain search offers:

  • Network Details
    1. IP Address: The current IP address associated to the domain.
    2. ASN: The current network associated to the domain.
  • DNS Records
    1. A Records: Discover the IPv4 addresses associated with the domain, indicating where the domain points to.
    2. AAAA Records: Find the IPv6 addresses, if any, connected to the domain.
    3. Name Servers: Uncover the authoritative name servers for the domain, which are crucial for DNS resolution.
    4. MX Records: View the Mail Exchange records, showing the email servers used for sending and receiving emails.
    5. TXT Records: Access a variety of text records used for various purposes like domain ownership verification, email sender policies (SPF), and other services.

Domain Search Workflows

  • Verify Domain Ownership: Confirm the legitimacy of a domain by checking its registration and network details.
  • Assess Security Posture: Review SPF and other TXT records to understand the domain's email security settings and potential vulnerabilities.
  • Monitor Domain Changes: Keep an eye on any changes to the domain's DNS setup, which can be indicative of security incidents or administrative updates.