The Word List Editor within the DigitalStakeout Scout platform is a versatile tool designed for creating, managing, and utilizing custom word lists. It allows users to define word lists tailored to their specific needs, enhancing the effectiveness of their searches and automation rules.

Features and Functionalities:

  • Saved Word Lists: Access and manage previously saved word lists.

  • Custom Word List Templates: Utilize predefined templates or create custom templates for different scenarios or topics.

Sharing Options:

  • Share Word List with Team: Allows users to share their custom word lists with team members for collaborative analysis and monitoring.

Word List Management:

  • Select a Word List to Manage: Choose from existing word lists or create a new one.

  • Rename Word List: Update the name of an existing word list to reflect its content or purpose.

  • Delete Word List: Remove an existing word list from the system.

  • Delete Word List Content: Clear the contents of a word list while retaining its structure.

  • Save Custom Word List: Save the newly created or modified word list for future use.

  • Load Pre-defined Word List: Load a word list from a set of predefined categories such as Anger, Anxiety, Narcotics Terms, etc.

  • Import Custom Word List: Users can import their own list of words or phrases tailored to their specific needs.

Word List Content:

Users can enter up to 2500 words or phrases (between 1 and 100 characters in length) that are most important to them. The editor allows for a wide range of terms related to various sentiments, behaviors, risks, and more, enabling users to focus their monitoring and analysis on specific areas of interest.

Import Options:

  • Import Word List: Choose from a variety of predefined word lists categorized by themes like emotions, behaviors, risks, industry-specific terms, and more.

Customization and Filtering:

  • Filter By Word List: Apply the created or selected word list as a filter in searches or rules to focus on data that contains the specified terms.

  • Relevancy: Set a relevancy score threshold for the word list to be applied, focusing on the most relevant data.

The Word List Editor enhances the customization capabilities of the DigitalStakeout Scout platform by enabling users to define and manage word lists that are aligned with their specific monitoring and analysis needs. By leveraging custom word lists, users can significantly improve the precision and relevance of their searches, alerts, and automated actions, leading to more effective and efficient intelligence gathering and decision-making.