Domain Monitor

Create a feed to monitor for new and existing domains and hostnames


The Domain Monitor enables users to create a feed to monitor for new and existing domains and hostnames by target criteria. Use this monitor for attack surface management, brand protection, and digital footprint tracking.


  • Monitors domain registrations and hostnames for specific keywords or phrases.

  • Essential for detecting potential cyber threats, phishing attempts, and brand impersonation.

  • Provides timely alerts when new domains matching the monitoring criteria are registered.


  • Enhances digital risk management by allowing early detection of potentially harmful domains.

  • Aids in protecting against brand impersonation and fraudulent activities.

  • Supports proactive cybersecurity measures by keeping track of newly registered domains related to your interests or brand.

How-to Use:

  1. Specify the domains or domain variants related to your brand, interests, or security concerns.

  2. Set up the Domain Monitor with these parameters to start tracking matching domains and hostnames.

  3. View events on any new records that match your monitoring criteria in the DigitalStakeout Console.

Creating a Domain Monitor


  • Enabled: Activates the monitor for real-time domain monitoring.
  • Disabled: Deactivates the monitor temporarily.


  • Registered Domains: Monitors registered domain names for potential misuse.
  • Forward DNS Host Names: Tracks subdomains and hostnames associated with your domain.
  • Certificate Transparency Logs: Watches for newly registered certificates linked to your domain.

Domain Protection Options

  • Registered Domain Protection: Monitors variants of registered domains to detect impersonation or typosquatting.
  • Subdomain Detection: Keeps track of unauthorized subdomains under your registered domains.
  • Name Server Use Detection: Monitors specific name servers for unusual activities.
  • ASN Use Detection: Watches for domain activities within specific Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs).
  • IP Address Use Detection: Tracks domain associations with specific IP address blocks.

Customization Settings

  • Typosquat Level: Set the sensitivity level for typosquatting detection (Moderate, Aggressive, Sensitive, Disabled).
  • Wildcard Prefix: Enable right-sided wildcard search for broader domain monitoring.
  • Name Server and ASN Number: Specify name servers and AS numbers for targeted monitoring.
  • CIDR: Enter IPv4 CIDR blocks for IP address monitoring.

Best Practices

  • Regularly update your domain monitoring settings to align with your current security and digital presence.
  • Collaboratively use this tool with your cybersecurity team for comprehensive domain protection.

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