Location Monitor

Create a feed by monitoring geo-tagged and geo-inferred social media using a geo-fence


The Location Monitor allows users to create a feed by monitoring geo-tagged and geo-inferred social media using a geo-fence. It's an essential tool for location-based intelligence, risk assessment, and incident response.


  • Tracks content within specified geo-fences, providing location-based insights and alerts.

  • Essential for incident response, risk assessment, and maintaining situational awareness in specific geographical areas.

  • Enhances situational awareness with geographically relevant data.


  • Allows organizations to understand and react to events, incidents, or discussions happening in specific locations.

  • Provides real-time updates on activities within a defined geographical area.

  • Supports proactive security measures and operational planning with location-based intelligence.

Creating a New Geo Location Monitor


  • Enabled: Activates the monitor.
  • Disabled: Deactivates the monitor.


  • Provide a distinctive name for the monitor for easy identification.

Expires On

  • Set an expiration date for the monitor to automatically deactivate.

Use Case

  • Choose a use case that best describes the purpose of the monitor, such as Event Security, Travel Security, or Crisis Management. This selection tailors the monitor to specific operational needs.


  • Add relevant tags for easy categorization and retrieval.
  • Tags applied will be included in every discovery related to this monitor.

Send Data To

  • Select a destination for the data. Options include specific monitors or a default location.
  • Determines where the collected data will be sent for analysis and reporting.

Reverse Address Lookup and Map Feature

  • Use this feature to pinpoint an exact location on the map for monitoring.
  • Draw a circle or polygon on the map to define the specific area you want to monitor.

Best Practices

  • Regularly review and update the location parameters to stay relevant to the evolving situation or operational needs.
  • Analyze the data collected and adjust the monitor settings to enhance the monitoring efficiency.
  • Integrate location monitoring with other intelligence and security measures for a comprehensive approach.

Note: This README outlines the key features and best practices for setting up and utilizing the New Geo Location Monitor in DigitalStakeout Scout.