Intelligent Discovery

Categorize your Scout Monitor data into various risk and exposure categories

Intelligent Discovery is a transformative feature within the DigitalStakeout Scout platform that significantly enhances the capabilities of analysts in monitoring and analyzing vast amounts of data. By automatically categorizing data into various risk and exposure categories, it drastically reduces the time and effort required for manual data classification, allowing analysts to focus on deep analysis and strategic decision-making.

With categories covering a wide spectrum of risks, from cyber and physical exposures to reputation and public safety threats, analysts can rapidly identify and prioritize critical issues that demand immediate attention. This not only accelerates the response time to potential threats but also enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the monitoring process.

The ability to customize and add new categories ensures that the tool remains flexible and adaptable to the evolving needs of analysts. By providing a clearer, more organized view of the data, Intelligent Discovery empowers analysts to derive actionable insights more efficiently, ultimately leading to better-informed decisions and a more robust security posture for their organizations.

Automated Classification Categories:

Cyber Exposure:

  • Categories such as Blacklisted Host, GPS Location Enabled, Phone Number Detected, and more, provide insights into various cyber risks and exposures, enabling users to focus on relevant cyber threats.

Physical Exposure:

  • Includes categories like Shooting Mention, Physical Threat Actor, Weapon Mention, and more, highlighting potential physical risks and threats that require attention.

Privacy Exposure:

  • Focuses on issues like Data Leak - DOB, Email Address Detected, and Location Disclosed, helping users identify and respond to potential privacy concerns.

Reputation Exposure:

  • Categories such as Negative, Very Negative, Offensive Language, and more, allow users to monitor and manage reputation-related risks.

Public Safety Exposure:

  • Covers areas like Pharmaceutical, Terrorism Content, and Law Enforcement, providing insights into public safety concerns.

Operational Exposure:

  • Includes categories like Fire Mention, Power Outage Mention, and Traffic Blockage Detected, aiding in operational risk management.

Features and Benefits:

  • Automated Classification: Intelligent Discovery automatically categorizes data into relevant risk and exposure categories, saving time and effort for users.

  • Enhanced Workflow: By categorizing data automatically, users can streamline their workflow, focusing on analyzing and responding to the most relevant and critical data.

  • Improved Decision Making: With data categorized into clear and relevant categories, users can make more informed decisions based on the categorized insights provided.

  • Customizable Categories: While Intelligent Discovery provides a comprehensive set of predefined categories, users can also customize or add new categories based on their specific needs.

Intelligent Discovery enhances the DigitalStakeout Scout platform's capabilities by providing an automated, efficient, and effective way to classify and categorize data. This feature supports a wide range of use cases, from cybersecurity to public safety, by enabling users to quickly identify and focus on the most pertinent data based on the categorized risks and exposures.