DigitalStakeout ASI API

Integrating with the DigitalStakeout ASI API enables you to automate your data retrieval processes, conduct in-depth research, monitor digital assets, and much more. Each method provides a focused approach to querying vast amounts of data, making it easier to tailor your searches and analyses to your needs. Whether investigating security threats, monitoring brand presence, or exploring the web's infrastructure, the Frontpage API is your gateway to on-demand digital OSINT.

Domains Methods

  • domains/typosquatter (post): Identify potential typosquatter domains that mimic a given domain name. This is crucial for protecting brand integrity and identifying possible phishing attempts.
  • /domains/typo_list (post): Generate a list of common typographical variations of a domain name to monitor potential typosquatting threats.
  • /domains/rank (post): Retrieve DigitalStakeout domain ranking information for a domain, providing insights into its popularity and web presence.
  • /domains/summary (post): Obtain a concise summary of critical domain information, including registration details, associated hostnames, and more.

Hostnames Methods

  • /hostnames/list (post): Retrieve a comprehensive list of hostnames associated with a given domain. This method is essential for understanding the full scope of a domain's web presence.
  • /hostnames/ipv4 (post): Search for all hostnames linked to a specific IPv4 address. Ideal for pinpointing services or websites hosted on a particular server.
  • /hostnames/ipv4_neighbor (post): Discover hostnames in close proximity to a specified IPv4 address. This method helps in identifying neighboring services or potential related infrastructure.

Front Page Methods

  • /frontpage/search (post): Use this method to search for websites with specific content on their frontpage/homepage, track sites with certain social media URLs, or identify specific meta tags.

CTL Methods

  • /ctl/search (post): Search within Certificate Transparency Logs for specific content related to SSL/TLS certificates. This method is vital for security and compliance monitoring.
  • /ctl/feed (post): Access a real-time feed of Certificate Transparency Logs entries. Stay updated with the latest SSL/TLS certificates issued across the web.

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