Port Scan Monitor

Create a daily scan of your networks to identify open services or vulnerabilities


The Port Scan Monitor is designed to create a daily scan of your networks for top open services, requiring authorization. It's a critical tool for network security, vulnerability assessment, and risk management.


  • Conducts daily scans of specified networks to identify top open services and potential vulnerabilities.

  • Essential for maintaining a secure network posture by identifying and addressing open ports that could be exploited.

  • Provides actionable insights and alerts for security teams to prioritize and remediate identified risks.


  • Enhances network security by providing regular updates on open services and potential entry points for attackers.

  • Supports proactive vulnerability management by identifying and alerting on new or unexpected open ports.

  • Aids in compliance with security best practices and regulatory requirements for network scanning and assessment.

How-to Use:

  1. Obtain the necessary authorization to scan the networks you wish to monitor.

  2. Set up the Port Scan Monitor with the target network details to start the daily scanning process.

  3. Review and act on the scan results to address any identified open services or vulnerabilities, thereby enhancing your network security.

Compliance Note

  • Important: Port Scan monitoring is permitted only for authorized scanning.
  • Unauthorized Scanning: If you are not the owner or an authorized subscriber of the network or IP you intend to scan, doing so is prohibited.
  • Consequences of Abuse: Any abuse reports filed to DigitalStakeout by a service provider will be promptly reviewed. This may result in the suspension of your account.

Setup Process

  1. Navigation: Go to the Setup page, select the Discovery tab, then click "Add Monitor".

  2. Naming Your Monitor:

    • Mandatory field.
    • Must be at least three characters.
    • Suggestion: Use underscores to separate blocks or IP target (e.g., 1_2_3_4_24).
  3. Expiration Settings:

    • The "Expires On" option can be set to "never expires" if no specific date limitation is desired.
  4. CIDR Blocks:

    • Enter the network or IP addresses you wish to scan.
    • Limit: Maximum of 256 addresses at a time.
  5. Saving the Setup:

    • After completing the setup, click "Save" at the bottom center of the template.
    • Your monitor will undergo a review by our compliance team.
  6. Post-Approval Operations:

    • Once approved, your Port Scan Monitor will conduct scans on a 24-hour schedule.
  7. Editing and Compliance:

    • Any modifications to your Port Scan Monitor will require compliance approval.