The central hub for viewing a summary analysis of Scout Monitors

Overview: The Scout Dashboard serves as the central hub for viewing a summary analysis of Scout Monitors. It's designed to provide an at-a-glance view of your data, monitor statistics, and alert summaries, making it an essential tool for quick insights and decision-making.


  • Displays a comprehensive summary of all your Scout Monitors, including recent findings, trends, and activity levels.

  • Offers customizable widgets and views to focus on the information that matters most to you.

  • Provides quick access to detailed monitor charts, alerts, and the ability to drill down into specific data points.


  • Enhances situational awareness by providing a centralized overview of all monitoring activities and data collected.

  • Saves time and effort by aggregating key information and statistics into a single, easily accessible dashboard.

  • Supports informed decision-making with real-time data, trends, and summaries at your fingertips.

How-to Use:

  1. Access the Scout Dashboard from your DigitalStakeout Scout account.

  2. Customize the dashboard view and widgets to display the data and statistics that are most relevant to your needs.

  3. Utilize the dashboard for an overall summary and quick access to deeper analysis, alerts, and monitor reports.