Connecting the Archiver Plugin

A step-by-step procedure to install and use the DigitalStakeout Archiver on your browser

The DigitalStakeout Archiver is a powerful browser plugin that enhances your ability to capture and archive web content directly into the DigitalStakeout Scout platform. This guide provides a step-by-step procedure to install and use the DigitalStakeout Archiver on your browser.

Installation Steps:

1. Create a Web Hook Monitor:

  • Purpose: This acts as a container where data from your browser will be sent to.

  • Action: Set up a Web Hook Monitor in your DigitalStakeout Scout account to receive the archived data.

2. Install the Plugin:

  • Purpose: To enable the archiving features in your browser.

  • Action: Find the "DigitalStakeout Archiver" plugin in your Chrome or Firefox browser's add-on section and install it.

3. Generate an API Token:

  • Purpose: To securely connect your browser to the Web Hook Monitor.

  • Action: Go to your profile in DigitalStakeout Scout, navigate to the 'integrations' tab, enable the API, and generate a new token. This token will be used to authenticate the connection between your browser and the Web Hook Monitor.

4. Connect the Plugin:

  • Purpose: To establish a connection between your browser plugin and the DigitalStakeout platform.

  • Action: Click on the DigitalStakeout Archiver plugin in your browser (it looks like a DSO search glass), paste the previously generated token into the API key field, and press connect. A popup message will confirm that the connection is established.

5. Select a Web Hook Monitor:

  • Purpose: To designate where the archived data should be sent.

  • Action: After connecting, you'll see a drop-down menu with your created Web Hook Monitors. Choose the one you want to send data to.

6. Save Notes:

  • Purpose: To test the plugin and save contextual notes.

  • Action: Visit any website, click on the plugin, type your desired text in the "save a note" box, and press "Save." The note will appear in your selected Web Hook Monitor shortly.

7. Use the Archiver Options:

  • Purpose: To start archiving web content.

  • Action: Right-click anywhere in your browser. Depending on what you select, or if you don't have anything selected, you'll see relevant options provided by the DigitalStakeout Archiver. Options include 'save text', 'save all text', 'archive images', and more.

Additional Information:

  • Screenshots: Whenever you use the 'save text' or 'save all text' feature, a screenshot of the currently visible window is also taken and sent to your selected Web Hook Monitor alongside the text, providing a visual context to the archived content.

By following these steps, you can successfully install and start using the DigitalStakeout Archiver to enhance your digital investigations and OSINT collection capabilities. The Archiver provides a straightforward and efficient way to capture, archive, and analyze web content, making it an invaluable tool for analysts, investigators, and researchers.