External Link Warnings

Users are alerted when leaving DigitalStakeout Scout and visit an external internet link


The External Link Warning feature is an important security element in DigitalStakeout Scout platform. It alerts users when they are about to leave the platform and visit an external internet link. This feature ensures that users are aware of the transition from the DigitalStakeout platform to potentially less secure external websites.

Feature Overview

Warning Notification

  • Description: When a user clicks on an external link within the DigitalStakeout platform, a warning notification is displayed.

  • Purpose: The purpose of this notification is to make the user aware that they are leaving the DigitalStakeout controlled environment.

Alert Content

  • Message: The warning typically reads: "You are about to visit an external Internet link outside the DigitalStakeout platform."

  • Visuals: The alert is usually presented in a manner that is noticeable and distinct from the regular platform interface to catch the user's attention.

User Action

  • Proceed to Link: After reading the warning, users have the option to proceed to the external link.

  • User Discretion Advised: Users are encouraged to exercise caution and discretion when visiting external sites, as these sites are outside the purview of DigitalStakeout’s security protocols.

Importance of the Feature

  • Security Awareness: This feature helps in promoting security awareness among users about the potential risks associated with visiting external websites.

  • Preventive Measure: It acts as a preventive measure against unintentional navigation to potentially harmful or unsecured sites.

Best Practices

  • Vigilance: Always read the warning message carefully before proceeding.

  • Verify URL: Check the URL of the external site to ensure it is a site you intend to visit.

  • Confidential Information: Avoid sharing any sensitive or confidential information on external sites that you were not planning to visit.

DigitalStakeout’s External Link Warning feature is a simple yet effective tool to enhance online safety and awareness. By informing users about the transition to external sites, it promotes cautious and informed browsing practices within the DigitalStakeout platform.