Page Collector

Monitor URLs for changes in content and receive updates in Scout


The Page Collector is designed to monitor URLs for changes in content and receive updates in Scout. It's a targeted collection tool for web content monitoring and discovering new information.


  • Tracks specified URLs for any changes or updates in the content, providing a vigilant eye on web pages of interest.

  • Essential for detecting updates, changes, or new information on targeted web pages.

  • Offers timely information when changes in the monitored web pages are detected.


  • Enables users to stay ahead of the curve by being the first to know about updates or changes on critical web pages.

  • Supports intelligence by monitoring updates on target website or URL.

  • Aids in risk management and security monitoring by tracking changes in content that might indicate a threat or opportunity.

How-to Use

  1. Navigation: Go to the Setup page and select the Collectors tab.
  2. Add Monitor: Click on "Add Monitor" to initiate the process.
  3. Identify the specific URLs you wish to monitor for changes or updates.
  4. Set up the Page Collector with these URLs to start tracking changes and receiving updates in Scout.
  5. Analyze in the Console the updates and changes in detected to inform your strategy, response, or research.

Legal and Ethical Use

  • Compliance with Copyright Laws: Adhere to all copyright laws and rules regarding the detected data from public websites.
  • Legal and Ethical Undertaking: Ensure legal and ethical use of the Page Collector and obtain necessary permissions for targeted data sources.
  • Liability Disclaimer: DigitalStakeout Inc. disclaims any liability for losses suffered due to disputes related to the use of the Page Collector.
  • Release of Liability: In case of disputes, users release DigitalStakeout Inc. from claims or damages arising from the use of the Page Collector.
  • No Liability for Use: DigitalStakeout accepts no liability or responsibility for any use of the Page Collector by the user or any authorized third party.