Frontpage Monitor

Create a feed to monitor for sites matching a keyword or phrase, providing a eye on website descriptions


The Frontpage Monitor enables you to create a feed to monitor for sites matching a keyword or phrase, providing a keen eye on website descriptions and social media presence. It's a key tool for digital brand surveillance, brand protection, and market intelligence.


  • Tracks new and existing websites that match specific keywords or phrases, offering a comprehensive view of the web landscape related to those terms.

  • Essential for uncovering new sites that may represent competition, threats, or opportunities.

  • Helps in the early detection of potential brand impersonation or fraudulent activities.


  • Provides insights into how and where your brand or relevant keywords are being mentioned or used online.

  • Aids in staying ahead of potential threats or understanding market presence by keeping track of new sites as they appear.

  • Supports strategic planning and digital risk management by offering a real-time view of the web landscape.

How-to Use:

  1. Determine the keywords or phrases you want to monitor that are critical to your brand, security, or market analysis.

  2. Set up the Frontpage Monitor to start receiving updates on sites that match your specified criteria.

  3. View events on any new records that match your monitoring criteria in the DigitalStakeout Console.

Creating a Frontpage Monitor


  • Enabled: The monitor is active.
  • Disabled: The monitor is inactive.

Expires On

  • Set the expiration date for the monitor.

Monitor Name

  • Provide a unique and descriptive name for the monitor.

Use Case

  • Select a relevant use case to tailor the monitoring. Options include:
    • Attack Surface Management
    • Brand Protection
    • And more...


  • Add tags for categorization and quick reference.

Send Data To

  • Choose where the collected data should be sent, such as specific monitors or a default location.

Translate on Add

  • Option to translate content, with multiple language choices available.

Primary Keywords

  • Define key terms that are essential for the monitoring purpose.

Must Contain

  • Specify keywords that must be present in the content for relevance.

Must Not Contain

  • List keywords to be excluded to avoid irrelevant results.

Domain Category

  • Choose the category of domains to focus on for more targeted monitoring.

Best Practices

  • Regular monitoring and updating of keywords and categories are crucial for effective monitoring.
  • Align the monitor with broader digital strategies for comprehensive online presence management.