People (Person Search)

Perform deep investigations into individuals' online presence and connections.


The DigitalStakeout People Search tool is designed to extract extensive insights from minimal initial information. This powerful feature allows for efficient and deep investigations into individuals' online presence and connections.

_License Note: All subscriptions come with an account allowance of 500 people search queries. If you require more capacity, please contact your DigitalStakeout point of contact.

Search for People with Minimal Information

  • People Search eliminates the need for extensive preliminary data gathering.
  • Begin your investigation with just one of the following data points:
    • Phone Number
    • Email Address
    • Delivery Address
    • Social Username
  • This approach unfolds a comprehensive online identity profile, streamlining research efforts and supporting informed decision-making.

Discoverable Information on a Person

  • The tool probes into a vast array of online data sources, revealing a detailed profile that may include:
    • Gender: Insight into the subject's gender.
    • Age: Approximate age of the individual.
    • Emails: Multiple email addresses linked to the person.
    • Phone Numbers: Various contact numbers associated with the individual.
    • Addresses: A list of current and previous residential addresses.
    • Jobs: Detailed employment history, including job titles, companies, and employment duration.
    • Education: Educational background, encompassing degrees and institutions.
    • Social User IDs: Social media identifiers across multiple platforms.
    • Screen Names: Other online usernames or aliases used by the individual.
    • Source Data: URLs and data sources utilized for gathering information.
    • Family Relationships: Information about known family members and their connections.
    • Other Relationships: Details of other significant connections or associates.

By leveraging the People Search feature, users can significantly accelerate their digital investigations and gain in-depth insights from just a single piece of information.