Keyword Monitor

Create a feed to monitor the web, news, social media, and dark web by keyword


The Keyword Monitor enables the creation of a feed to monitor the web, news, social media, and dark web by keyword. It's a vital tool for digital intelligence, information gathering, and trend analysis.


  • Scans and tracks specified keywords across a range of online sources.

  • Enables targeted monitoring and analysis of online discussions, content, and trends.

  • Keeps users informed about the latest developments, mentions, and trends related to their specific interests.


  • Provides a comprehensive view of how and where specific keywords are being used or mentioned online.

  • Supports informed decision-making by providing real-time insights into public sentiment, emerging issues, and trending topics.

  • Aids in early detection of threats, opportunities, and shifts in public perception.

How-to Use:

  1. Specify the keywords you want to track that are relevant to your interests or concerns.

  2. Set up a Keyword Monitor with these keywords to start tracking mentions and content across various online platforms.

  3. View events on any new posts that match your monitoring criteria in the DigitalStakeout Console.

Creating a Keyword Monitor


  • Enabled: Activates the monitor.

  • Disabled: Deactivates the monitor.

Expires On

  • Set an expiration date for the monitor.

Monitor Name

  • Assign a descriptive name for the monitor.

Use Case

  • Select a use case to tailor the monitor to specific needs.


  • Apply relevant tags for easier categorization and retrieval.

Send Data To

  • Choose a destination for the collected data, such as a specific monitor or default location.


  • Select from a range of sources including Surface Web, News, Social Media, Dark Web, and

Translate on Add

  • Option to translate content into different languages.

Primary Keywords

  • Define the main keywords for monitoring.

Must Contain

  • Specify mandatory keywords or phrases for relevance.

Must Not Contain

  • List keywords to exclude from monitoring.

Ignore From Domain

  • Exclude content originating from certain domains.

Best Practices

  • Regularly update the keywords to reflect changing trends or focus areas.

  • Review collected data frequently to refine the monitoring strategy.

  • Align the monitor with overall digital strategy and security protocols.

Note: Source Data is Chatter