IoT Monitor

Create a feed to monitor for direct IP exposed services matching a keyword or phrase


The IoT Monitor allows users to create a feed to monitor for direct IP exposed services matching a keyword or phrase. It's pivotal for cybersecurity, network monitoring, and vulnerability assessment.


  • Scans and tracks exposed Internet of Things (IoT) devices and services based on specified keywords or phrases.

  • Essential for identifying potential vulnerabilities and exposed services in your network or related to your interests.

  • Provides actionable insights and alerts for exposed services that could be potential security risks.


  • Enhances cybersecurity posture by enabling early detection of exposed and potentially vulnerable IoT devices and services.

  • Supports proactive measures in securing networks and IoT devices against unauthorized access and exploitation.

  • Aids in maintaining a robust security framework by continually monitoring for new exposures.

How-to Use:

  1. Define the keywords or phrases related to the IoT devices or services you wish to monitor for exposure.

  2. Set up the IoT Monitor with these parameters to start tracking exposed services and devices.

  3. View events on any new records that match your monitoring criteria in the DigitalStakeout Console.

Creating an IoT Monitor


  • Enabled: Activates the monitor for active tracking.

  • Disabled: Deactivates the monitor, stopping data collection.


  • Set an expiration date for the monitor. The monitor will automatically deactivate on this date.

Monitor Name

  • Assign a unique and descriptive name for the monitor for easy identification.

Use Case

  • Select the appropriate use case to tailor the monitoring to specific needs. Options include Vulnerability Assessment, Threat Intelligence, Brand Protection, etc.


  • Add relevant tags for categorization and easier searching. Tags are appended to all discoveries.

Send Data To

  • Choose a destination for the collected data. Options include specific monitors or a default location for analysis and reporting.

Translate on Add

  • Select a language for translation, if required, to monitor content in multiple languages.

Primary Keywords

  • Define essential keywords or phrases related to IoT that are critical to the monitoring objectives.

Must Contain

  • Specify additional keywords or phrases that must be present in the collected data for it to be relevant.

Must Not Contain

  • List keywords or phrases to exclude from monitoring, helping to filter out irrelevant data.

Purpose and Best Practices

  • The primary objective is to monitor for IoT-related threats, vulnerabilities, or emerging trends.

  • Regularly review and update keywords and filters based on evolving IoT landscapes.

  • Collaborate with security teams to align IoT monitoring with overall security strategies.