User Defind Tags

Create and manage your own custom data tags to annotate data

The User Defined Tag Editor within the DigitalStakeout Scout platform is a specialized feature that allows users to create and manage their own custom tags. This tool is essential for personalizing the categorization and analysis of data collected by Scout Monitors according to individual or organizational needs.

Features and Functionalities:

  • User Defined Tag: Users can create, manage, and apply custom tags to records and data points within the Scout platform.

  • Select User Defined Tag: Choose from existing user-defined tags or create new ones for specific categorization purposes.

Tag Management:

  • Create New Tag: Users can create new tags that are relevant to their monitoring and analysis needs.

  • Existing Tags: Access and manage previously created tags such as 'important', 'Pride Parade', 'Reviewed', etc.

Tag Customization:

  • Name: Assign a unique and descriptive name to each tag, making it easy to identify and apply to relevant data.

The User Defined Tag Editor enhances the customization and organization capabilities of the DigitalStakeout Scout platform by enabling users to create tags that are specifically tailored to their needs. By leveraging user-defined tags, users can categorize and mark data for easy identification, retrieval, and analysis. This feature supports a wide range of use cases, from security analysis to market research, by providing a flexible and personalized way to organize and analyze the collected data.