Google Ads Monitor

Track ads that display on Google search

Overview: The Google Ads Monitor is designed to track ads that display on Google. It's an essential tool for advertising analysis, ad intelligence, and researching bad actor activity.


  • Monitors Google Ads for specified keywords or phrases, providing insights into the advertising landscape and strategies used by various entities.

  • Essential for understanding the competitive advertising environment, tracking competitors' ads, and optimizing your own ad strategies.

  • Offers timely alerts and insights on new ads, changes in ad strategies, or emerging trends in Google advertising.


  • Enhances advertising strategy by providing a clear view of how and where competitors and other entities are advertising on Google.

  • Supports market research and competitive intelligence by tracking ad trends, messaging, and positioning in your industry.

  • Aids in optimizing your own Google Ads strategy by understanding the competitive landscape and identifying opportunities for differentiation.

How-to Use:

  1. Identify the keywords or phrases you wish to monitor in Google Ads.

  2. Set up the Google Ads Monitor with these parameters to start tracking new ads and changes in the advertising landscape.

  3. View events on any new results that match your monitoring criteria in the DigitalStakeout Console.