Creating an Email Alert

How to create basic email alerts for notifying users of valuable events


DigitalStakeout Scout provides the functionality to create basic email alerts for notifying users of valuable events collected within a monitor, collection, or folder. This README guides you through the process of setting up basic email alerts.

Navigation to Workflow Rules Screen

  • Access Workflow Rules: This can be done by selecting "Create Alert" on the home screen or by hovering over "Setup" and choosing alerts.

Setting Up a Basic Email Alert

Selecting the Source for Alerts

  • Choose a Folder or Monitor: Ensure the desired monitor or folder is in the grey box.

    • Folder Option: Alerts on all collected data from monitors within the folder.

    • Monitor Option: Alerts on collected data from the individual monitor selected.

Creating a New Workflow Rule

  • Select 'New Workflow Rule': This begins the setup process.

Configuring the Workflow Rule

  • Administrative Section:

    • Status: Set to 'Enabled' to activate the rule. To deactivate, select 'Disabled'.

    • Name of Rule: Give your rule a descriptive name, ideally related to the folder or monitor.

    • Description of Rule: Optional. Describe the purpose of the rule, e.g., “Email alert for DigitalStakeout HQ 2 monitor content.”

    • Notify on Match: Choose 'Yes' to receive email notifications.

    • Repeat Notice: Set the interval for repeated notifications (e.g., every 24 hours).

    • Risk of Match: Set the perceived risk level (low, medium, or high).

    • Actions to Perform: Choose between 'Send Email (Combined Results)' for aggregated results or 'Send Email (Individual Events)' for immediate alerts on each content result.

    • Email Template: For basic alerts, select 'Default Rules Template'. This sends alerts to the user who created the rule.

Filter Options

  • Applying Filters: Use word lists, Boolean expressions, tags, entity filters, or geo-fences to refine the alerts.

  • Combination of Filters: Mix and match different filters for precise alerting criteria.

  • Common Usage: Boolean expressions or word lists are frequently used for effective filtering.

Saving the Workflow Rule

  • Save the Configuration: Once satisfied with the settings, click 'save'. The rule will appear in Scout Workflow when the corresponding Folder or Monitor is selected.

Receiving Email Alerts

  • Email Delivery: Alerts are sent to the email address in your profile with the subject line 'DigitalStakeout Content Alert Notification'.

  • Spam Filters: Check spam, junk, or clutter folders if emails are not appearing in the inbox.


Creating an email alert in DigitalStakeout Scout is a straightforward process that enhances your ability to stay informed about critical events. By following these steps, you can ensure timely notifications and effective monitoring of online activities.